Evan Fournier involved in the next XXL trade?!

France is in the spotlight this summer in the NBA, since Nicolas Batum received a big extension and Rudy Gobert ignited the market with his trade. According to the latest rumors, Evan Fournier could also shake up the league in the next weeks.

For the moment, it is a Frenchman who has shaken up the offseason in the NBA, perhaps waiting for the latest developments in the files. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. If the two Nets players are traded, the league will be turned upside down and all the media will be talking about it for months… But right now, the biggest transaction concerns Rudy Gobert.

After several exceptional seasons on an individual level but disappointing on a collective level, the pivot was traded by the Jazz, and he has now become, with the Timberwolves jersey, a promising and ambitious franchise that relies on a duo promised to a great future, namely Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns. In this workforce focused on the attack, the tricolor will bring all its defensive stability and rigor.

Evan Fournier leaving for Utah?

And if another Blue came to shake the NBA microcosm before participating in EuroBasket at the start of the school year? No, Evan Fournier will not be the main part of a new XXL trade in the league, but he could be involved in the movement that more and more specialists are waiting for: the arrival of Donovan Mitchell with the Knicks. According to journalists from Launderer’s reporthe may well be involved in the transaction.

The Jazz has already decided to change its objective by exchanging Rudy Gobert then Royce O’Neal to the Nets. Is Donovan Mitchell next on the list? The Jazz wouldn’t need to be looking for exit doors at the back, but executives wouldn’t think long in the event of a sizeable offer. A package with Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley, Evan Fournier and draft picks wouldn’t be insulting to Utah.

According to Bleacher Report, Jazz executives may not necessarily be looking for an XXL trade for Donovan Mitchell, but if a franchise comes up with an offer they deem fair, they will be persuaded without too much difficulty. The guard was born in New York State, his name has been associated with the Knicks for a long time, and they have what it takes to win.

If things happen, there is a risk that Evan Fournier will be involved, he who is a recognized veteran in the league and who has qualities sought in all franchises, such as his dexterity and his leadership. The change in environment could be pretty darn crude, since there really isn’t a bigger gap than New York and Salt Lake City in the NBA.

As often since his arrival at the Knicks, the name of Evan Fournier comes up tirelessly in rumors. If the New York franchise wishes to attract a player of the caliber of Donovan Mitchell, the Frenchman will be a mandatory counterpart.

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