Evan Fournier tackles (again) the choice of the 2024 Olympics site for the basket

The French international did not fail to criticize again the treatment of the basket during the next Olympic Games scheduled for Paris in 2024.

He doesn’t give up. French international Evan Fournier again criticized the choice of the basketball site for the Paris-2024 Olympic Games by taking NBA champion Stephen Curry to witness, who hinted at his wish to play in the next Olympics. “Steph who wants to come to Paris. But we are going to explain to him that the Paris 2024 Olympics are not in Paris because basketball is a category 2 discipline. Haha, well done guys!!!”, writes Fournier on Twitter.

Below his tweet is a video showing Curry and the entire Golden State Warriors team celebrating the NBA title with their fans. Asked about his next goals, the best player (MVP) of the final answers with a smile: “I’m not satisfied yet, I still have to play for coach Kerr in 2024, in Paris, to try to win a medal.” The choice of the basketball site is the subject of strong criticism from the players of the France team, a movement initiated by Fournier at the end of March.

Evan Fournier with the Knicks Gregory Fisher / PANORAMIC

The New York Knicks player, silver medalist with the French team at the Tokyo Games last year, had mocked the “ceiling too lowof the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center, in the south of the capital, which was to host the preliminary phase of the basketball tournament – the final phase being played in Bercy (east of Paris). The organizing committee of the Paris Olympics (Cojo) finally preferred to give it up.

But since the outbreak of this controversy, the basket has not yet found its base, the latest trend being to dispute the qualifying phases in Lille (northern France). The discussions between the Cojo, the international basketball federation and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) are bitter on this subject, the relevant final decision of the IOC, according to the organizing committee.

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