Ex-Wales captain Ryan Jones suffers from dementia aged 41

Ryan Jones, former captain and third line for Wales, had to suffer from dementia praecox at just 41 years old, probably linked to repeated shocks during his career.

Former Wales rugby captain Ryan Jones has announced that he has dementia praecox, aged 41, in an interview with The Times on Saturday. “I feel like my world is falling apart. And I’m really scared,” said the former third center line to 75 caps, including 33 as captain.

The diagnosis was given to him in December by doctors who told him that this early illness was probably linked to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated shocks to the head. The specialists consulted even admitted to him that he was among the worst cases they had seen, the newspaper said.

“I have lived 15 years of my life as a superhero, but I am not one, he added. I do not know what the future holds for me. I am the product of an environment where it’s all about being functional and performing. I’m no longer able to perform the way I prefer. All I want is to live a happy, normal life. But that was taken away from me and I I can’t do anything. I can’t train harder, I can’t try to trick the referee, I don’t know the rules of that game.”

Pessimism in his neurologist

“Whether it was my partner or my family, they were noticing changes in me. They gave me depression but I started to realize that some of my intellectual functions were bad,” like short-term memory loss. term, difficulty finding words or mood swings.

He commented that despite photos of him with his children at Pen y Fan, the highest peak in Wales, he has no recollection of taking them there. The neurologist who follows him was not very optimistic when he explained to him that his functions would probably continue to decline at the same rate as over the past five years.

If he did not speak of joining the complaint of several former rugby players against the sports authorities for their action deemed impossible on the question of concussions, Jones is very critical of the current situation. “It’s like walking with your head forward and your eyes closed towards a catastrophic situation,” he summed up.

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