Faith. The 2022-2023 USF pool is known

the essential
Beach rugby is in full swing on the sun-stricken beaches, yet the Occitanie league has discreetly composed the 2022-2023 regional pools.

The Commission of the tests of July 11, privileged the geographical oppositions and the requests requested by the clubs.

Given the addition of the round of 32 in the French Championship by the French Rugby Federation, the regional competitions R1, R2 and R3 will begin on September 18.

In Regional 2, (level of blood and gold) no obligation but possibility of playing at X, XII or XV, for clubs having hired reserved teams.

The USF is concerned with the championship of region II. She will instrument in hen 4 are the composition (except last hour revision) will be: Lézat-surLèze, Villeneuve-du-Paréage, Saint-Jean-du-Falga, RC Mazères, SA Auterive, Carbonne / Longages, Labarthe-sur-Lèze , US Portet-sur-Garonne, US Ramonville-Saint-Agne, Stade Saint-Orens, US Foix.

There may still be changes not known to date.

It is specified that the teams can commit themselves within the framework of a gathering with the obligation to present at least 15 licensees from the rugby schools to the U16 or U18 women. This directive does not apply in a city of 10,000 inhabitants at most or in a canton of 20,000 inhabitants at most.

The Territorial Championship is scheduled to begin on September 18, 2022.

Court trips

Note that with this hen, the US Foix will limit bus costs! Indeed, travel will be limited and it is probably not the treasurer of the club who will complain about it. This all the more so as many Ariège clubs and many geographically close clubs will be there, so the derbies should attract even more audiences. Something to promote the atmosphere… And, again, to be favorable to the club’s finances.

It should also be noted that the USF will find teams that it knows well, in particular for having met them last season. This is the case of Portet-sur-Garonne and Villeneuve-du-Paréage.

Remember that the USF will rely on new coaches to hope, first, to qualify and, why not, to go up. Yannick Fournié, Bruno Lozano, Paul Vals know the ambitions of managers and coaches. The players too!

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