Finals in Saint-Nabord. Nolan Fleurentin and Elise Rousseau did well to come!

The case was dispatched quickly. It must be said that despite the wind, the stifling heat only slightly encouraged hanging out on the courts. The Saint-Nabord tournament has had two indisputable winners. Among the ladies, a new face has appeared. Elise Rousseau concedes it herself, she does not usually come and put her bag and her snowshoes in the Vosges. But the Fougerollaise was looking for a tournament and its compass stopped on Saint-Nabord.

She had only one match to contest to register her name on the list (after having obtained a package in the semi-finals). Newly promoted to 15/1, her best ranking, Elise Rousseau logically overcame the resistance of Murielle Grandjean (15/3).

Among the gentlemen, Nolan Fleurentin, underclassified at 15 (he was 3/6 at 18), was not in the cast. It was by responding to an announcement from the navoiriaud club (which was looking for a 15 to compensate for a defection) that the Thaonnais found himself in the table. Not really a gift for his opponents!

On his way to the final, the Thaonnais only let ten games slip away in three rounds against Vincent Hogard (15/1), Anthony Mast (5/6) and Bruno Didier (5/6). In the final, Olivier Dupuis was housed in the same boat. Even if, after having suffered the lightning (a quick 6-0), the Romarimontain managed to take his executioner to another sector to get a 4-2 ball in the second set. More powerful, without really trying to attack his opponent’s serve, Nolan Fleurentin accelerated again to win 6-0 6-3. A high-quality curtain-raiser for a tournament that won 70 men and 14 women, played in ideal weather conditions and ended in good spirits. “For once, we didn’t have the slightest drop of rain, which will save me from thanking the president of the Remiremont club (laughs) who usually lends us his room,” joked Blandine Roehrig, the local president.

The results Women’s table 1/16th of finals: A. Didier (30 years old, Cornimont) beats Vuilleumier (30/3, Remiremont) 6-2 5-7 10-6, C. Didier (30 years old, Chavelot) beats Y. Glue (30/1, remiremont) 6-1 6-0. Round of 16: A. Didier beats J. Rouillon (15/5, Remiremont) 6-1 7-5, P. Barrat (15/5, Remiremont) beats C. Didier 6-2 6-3. Quarter-finals: L. Herpierre (15/4, Docelles) beats A. Didier 6-0 6-1, P. Barrat beats F. Demangel (15/4, Remiremont), F. Demangel fished out. Semi-finals: M. Grandjean (15/3, Remiremont) beats L. Herpierre 6-1 1-6 10-4, E. Rousseau (15/2, Fougerolles) beats F. Demangel wo. Final: E. Rousseau beats M. Grandjean 6-1 6-2. Men’s draw 1/16th finals: M. Besson (15/1, Vandoeuvre) beats A. Demange (15/2, Golbey) 6-4 3-6 10-1, V. Hogard (15/1, Thaon) beats J. Martin (15/3, Remiremont) 6-2 6-1. Round of 16: M. Besson beats Y. Henricolas 6-3 6-3, N. Fleurentin (15, Thaon) beats V. Hogard 6-0 6-1, R. Mangin (15/1, Golbey) beats O Gehin (15/2, Cornimont) 6-0 6-2. Quarter-finals: B. Didier (5/6, Cornimont) beats M. Besson 6-2 7-6, N. Fleurentin beats A. Mast (5/6, Plombières) 6-2 6-3, O. Dupuis ( 15, Remiremont) defeats R. Mangin 6-2 6-2. Semi-finals: N. Fleurentin beats B. Didier 6-1 6-3, O. Dupuis beats H. Clément (5/6, Docelles) 6-1 6-3. Final: N. Fleurentin beats O. Dupuis 6-0 6-3.

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