Finished for Shareef O’Neal at the Lakers, he reacts cash!

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The Summer League ended, Shareef O’Neal was able to play and have fun on the floor. Unfortunately, and barring a huge surprise, the interior will not be kept in stride, for lack of erroneous performance. The interested party was quick to react on his twitter account, while remaining very classy with the supporters.

After several weeks of competition, the Summer League is finally over, with a final victory for the Blazers over the Knicks. The Lakers were also able to rub shoulders with the competition, with some interesting performances for Max Christie, Scotty Pippen Jr and company. But in the composition, another player has been talked about a lot: Shareef O’Neal, who was trying to find his place in the Angelinos racket.

End clap for Shareef O’Neal

Unfortunately for him, the success was not the same as some of his teammates. Barely 4 points on average and a barely passable overall performance, which means that it should not be kept in the future. His prowess is not enough, and he will probably have to look elsewhere than the NBA to continue playing basketball. But Shareef keeps smiling, he who reacted on his twitter account.

Thank you Lakers for this opportunity! 🀞🏽🀞🏽❀️ Thank you to everyone who also supported me 🀞🏽❀️

O’Neal was not lacking in support, as many people were hoping the inside would make a place for itself. Unfortunately, that will not be the case, but the work continues for him. He could still land in Europe in the future, or why not in the G-League, if a franchise is interested in giving him a chance next year. But for that, no choice, you will have to work very hard.

In the meantime, and despite one can imagine a slight disappointment, Shareef took the time to thank the fans with some autographs and photos. Like what, the support is there:

Barring a small miracle, Shareef O’Neal will not be retained by the Lakers in the future. The franchise should choose other options, but the prospect should get other opportunities in the future. He can in any case thank the Angelinos for this opportunity, which should serve him for the future.

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