First conclusive experience for Marie-Philip Poulin

If she admits to having needed time before finding her place among the ten coaches on the ice during the development camp, Poulin finally gave some advice to the hopefuls of the Habs.

Mainly present as an observer, the captain of the Canadian team has tried to assimilate as much information as possible over the past three days.

I was like a sponge. I learned a lot about the players I will follow this year. I will see what they have learned this week and what they will come up with in their training and in their games this season. »

A quote from Marie-Philip Poulin

Poulin said she was impressed with the Canadiens’ first choice in the most recent draft, Juraj Slafkovsky. Defenseman Lane Hutson, selected late in the second round on Friday, also caught his eye thanks to his mobility and agility.

The three-time Olympic gold medalist worked part-time for the Canadiens until the end of her hockey career. She stressed how much an experience like the one she had this week will benefit her as a player as she also had the opportunity to discover the drills taught by the director of hockey development, Adam Nicholas.

He really impressed me by teaching things that you don’t necessarily see in the games but that make a differencedid she say.

Yesterday afternoon [mardi], I was skating by myself and wanted to practice the skills I saw this week. It allowed me to see hockey in a different way and it can bring me back as a playershe continued.

The Canadian’s development camp ended on Wednesday after an intra-four-on-four, then three-on-three game. Hutson’s Whites, Filip Mesar and Emil Heineman, defeated Slafkovsky’s Reds, Sean Farrell and Joshua Roy, 7-4.

Two women’s teams in Montreal?

Poulin was asked to comment on the announcement of the arrival of a Premier Hockey Federation (PHF) team in Montreal for the 2022-2023 season.

“It shows that there is support for women’s hockey, to offer more opportunities after university hockey,” said Poulin. But hopefully we’ll all be in the same boat eventually. – Marie-Philip Poulin

This circuit is not associated with the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association (PWHPA), which was formed shortly after the dissolution of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League and which aims to create a viable women’s hockey league. long-term.

Poulin, who is part of the PWHPA, played it safe in his remarks.

It shows that there is support for women’s hockey, to offer more possibilities after university hockey, Poulin said. But hopefully we’ll all be in the same boat eventually.

We’re pushing for the same thing, but with a different visionshe added.

Poulin noted that the PWHPA hopes to be able to announce its plans soon, but great things smoke timeshe recalled.

She added that she does not believe that the arrival of a PHF team in Montreal undermines the chances of establishing a franchise of the eventual circuit supported by the PWHPA in the metropolis.

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