for its recovery, the Périgourdine Alicia Martial eliminated in Périgueux

She returned to competition on Monday June 20, for the qualifications of the Engie Open du Périgord, 25th edition, a tournament that the CAP licensee was playing for the second time.

Unforced errors

In 2021, she was also eliminated in qualifying. This year, Martial suffered the same fate, against the Brazilian Rebeca Pereira, seeded number 7 in these qualifications. The score may seem dry (6-2, 6-3). The young Périgourdine made a lot of unforced errors. While she managed, on several occasions, to push the Brazilian to her limits. “It’s frustrating because I usually do less. There, on the finishing balls, the shorter balls, I made mistakes. »

Led 0-3 from the start, Martial managed to come back, a little. But Pereira completed the first set 2-6. On the other hand, the start of the second was livelier. Martial made exchanges last but made a mistake and gave up his service (0-1). In continuity, she recovered, Pereira reached the advantage, erased by an aggressive Périgourdine.

“I’m happy with what I did. I expected worse. I’m missing a few marks.”

This second game of the second set was the key to the game. On the verge of taking it, Alicia Martial was surprised at the net before signing two consecutive fouls. The Brazilian led 0-2, the hard part was done.

However, Martial did not give up, despite an ace from Pereira for the 1-3 and a double fault for the 1-4. There, the Périgourdine took advantage of the opposing service and restarted the machine. In the seventh game, she headed Pereira but again yielded on a foul. In the final game, once again, Alicia Martial fought back, coming back to 40-40 after being played 15-30. But she placed a new ball in the net before concluding on a fault.


Like last year, she leaves as soon as she enters (2-6, 4-6 in 2021 against the French Mathilde Lollia). But the context is very different in 2022. “I’m happy with what I did. I expected worse, smiles the Capiste. I’m missing a few marks. Since my injury, I have trained while walking, I have not served…”

The wound is resorbed but all is not won yet. “In a few classes, I was a bit apprehensive. In any case, the Périgourdine has put its period of forced rest to good use. “The baccalaureate, the driving license… The injury came at a bit of a good time. I was able to revise and work for my license. So I tried to find the benefits. But now, I want to start again! »

And to continue to progress. One after her first on Perigord clay, Alicia Martial believes she is more solid “on match management and mentally. Last year, I felt out of place. There, even on a recovery, I tell myself that this level is playable. I play more square, I had an attack game and there I build more. »

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