For Tony Parker, Victor Wembanyama is incomparable

The recent club change of Victor Wembanyama much interested Americans. And for good reason, the new player from Boulogne-Levallois is expected at the top of the 2023 Draft and a large part of the NBA teams will have their eyes on him during the 2022/2023 season.

Well placed to talk about this nugget of the French basket (18 years old), Tony Parker came to talk about it on ESPN.

“Humanly, he’s a great kid”explains the boss of Asvel, the club where Wembanyama played this season. “He is very, very talented. It’s hard to know how far he can go. He has no limits and that’s what’s beautiful. This is also what explains why every GM in the NBA thinks he will be the first choice of the next Draft. »

In the little game of comparisons, which flourish for each future rookie, the former Spurs playmaker does not really have an answer to give…

“He can do whatever he wants. When people ask me the comparator to someone, I answer that I don’t know. It is quite unique. He runs and shoots like an outsider but he is 2m19. Its scale is phenomenal. Moreover, he wants to win and his mentality is excellent. He wants to be the best and that’s the most important thing. »

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