former player David Ferrer named head of Davis Cup

The Spaniard takes charge of the Davis Cup, where he succeeds his compatriot Albert Costa.

David Ferrer, former French Open finalist at Roland-Garros, has been appointed director of the Davis Cup, succeeding Albert Costa, former winner of Roland-Garros, the Kosmos group, the organizer of this competition, announced on Tuesday. . Spaniard Pato Clavet was appointed alongside Ferrer as “assistant director to support the competition department”Kosmos said in a statement. “I am very happy to join the project. The Davis Cup is a unique competition”, said Ferrer, 40, who has triggered the silver bowl three times in its old format. “As a player, this is one of the great competitions that you always want to play for what it represents. You compete as a team, defend the colors of your country, spend a week with your teammates and the atmosphere in the stands is incredible.

A new formula

The historic format of the Davis Cup, spread over the whole year with knockout matches at home or away until the final, was changed in 2019 after the acquisition of the competition by Kosmos. The final phase of the new formula Davis Cup, hitherto contested in a single block at the end of the season, is this year divided into two stages: a group stage in mid-September with sixteen teams divided into four groups in four cities, the first two of which are qualified for the quarter-finals of the knockout stage at the end of November in Malaga. Matches are no longer played in three winning sets without a tie-break, but in two winning sets with a tie-break.


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