Frank Ntilikina’s awesome new nickname!

After an interesting season in Texas alongside Luka Doncic, we were still waiting for news from Frank Ntilikina, who will play one more season in Dallas. It’s now official, with the added bonus of a new nickname earned at the Mavericks. This should please the person concerned.

In delicacy with the Knicks, Frank Ntilikina revived last season with the Mavericks. Results ? A fairly good content, with a defense that is still as effective, and some good games in attack. There are always weaknesses, but the leader can be satisfied with his campaign, especially since he was able to reach a conference final. The goal remains the same in Dallas for this new season, and Frank will still be part of it.

Ntilikina remains recognized at the Mavericks

We knew it for a few weeks, but the news was made official by his agent this Wednesday evening: Ntilikina is not leaving the Mavs. He will stay one more season to boost the bench, but also to reassure himself about his future. A bad exercise, and a departure from the NBA would not be excluded either. While waiting to see how things evolve, Frank will have a good card to play.

Congratulations to Frank Ntilikina who will be another Maverick next season!

Yes, Frank is staying in Texas for another year. Proof that the front office really appreciates his contribution, and that they are counting on him in the months to come. If his game in attack remains mixed, it is something else for his defense. In response to the news, or during the last playoffs, a nickname begins to come out for Frank. We imagine that the interested party will appreciate.

We miss you D-Likina

Double Summon for Frank D-Likina

The letter “D”, which obviously refers to the player’s defense. An important element for Ntilikina, who knows that he will be expected next season off the bench. It’s up to him to make himself indispensable alongside Jason Kidd now.

Frank Ntilikina remains well in Dallas, and with a new nickname as a bonus. A productive summer for the Frenchman, who will have to continue working on his game in the months to come. He could have a big role off the bench, at least if he has the confidence. We will follow this carefully.

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