Frédérick Roy: the hockey player who became a hockey lawyer

The law leads to everything, the saying goes. In the case of Frédérick Roy, it quite simply brought him back to the sport that has always fascinated him: hockey. Since February, the former hockey player has once again been living his passion for our national sport, this time by practicing the profession of player agent, within the firm Momentum Hockey. The former Remparts striker (from 2007 to 2012) agreed to talk about his new life with The sun.

Posted yesterday at 10:32

As far back as he can remember, Frédérick Roy has always dreamed of becoming a hockey player. In any case, this is what is written black on white in his old school notebooks that he found when his father, the ex-caretaker of but Patrick Roy, moved recently! “It was my dream and I was completely dedicated to it,” he says. There was no plan B.”

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