Gers: 170 players gathered at the Auch Tennis Club for the Snowshoes circuit tournament

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The La Dépêche rackets circuit tournament started a few days ago at the Auch Tennis Club. This year, the number of registered players is on the rise, as is the motivation of the players, who, despite the heat, are not weakening.

Once again this year, the lively tournament on the Raquettes de la Dépêche circuit is a success, despite the high temperatures on the court. In Auch, 170 registrants met at the Auscitain Tennis Club, around thirty more than last season. Heatwave requires, the organization has been redesigned. The matches are held in the cool, in the morning from 9 a.m. and in the evening from 6 p.m. A solution brought by the president of the club but also judge and referee, Marie-Dominique Couret so that the tournament can take place in the best possible conditions.

Eléa Bousquet, from TC Save made the trip to Auch for the tournament.

“Thanks to the number of pitches we have, we manage to spread out the matches and play in the cooler hours,” she says. It is in particular under four lit grounds as well as under covered ground that the competitors can compete in the evening, sheltered from the heat wave.

Several categories compete

And until July 24, it is on three categories that the meetings will take place: in singles (ladies and gentlemen), in seniors + (ladies and gentlemen) as well as in young categories (boys and girls) for slices 11 -12 years old, 13-14 years old and 15-16 years old. It’s an opportunity for some players to meet and share a common passion.

TCA players are also taxed on the pitch, like Philippe Venica.

TCA players are also taxed on the pitch, like Philippe Venica.

“On the final table, we double the players, as some come from outside”, also indicates the president of the Auscitain Tennis Club. Indeed, players from all clubs (Auch, Vic-Fezensac, Samatan) have been present since Thursday, July 8. And on the side of the teachers, it also plays. Baptiste Bénétoux as well as Maxime Seguy, newly arrived, and who will play his third round this Sunday, will lend themselves to the game by hitting a few balls on the court.

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