“Get this Nations League set”, Rotar and the Blue brought to a crazy goal

The receptionist-attacker of the Blue, Amélie Rotar, returned for RMC Sport on the victory of the French in the European Golden League. The future Béziers player is also planning on the Challenger Cup, at the end of July. Eight teams are battling for a single qualifying ticket to the prestigious World Volleyball Nations League.

After this first title for a French volleyball team, should we aim for the stars in the Challenger Cup at the end of July?

Yes and no. I am aware of the path that remains to be traveled. But I’m also certain that it will be done step by step. The Challenger Cup is coming our way and we must continue to progress with a view to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. We are aware that this group of eight is a big piece (Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Czech Republic, Croatia and the relegated team of the women’s VNL). It’s going to be complicated but if we continue with this state of mind, this desire to work in the same direction, I think we can do great things at the Challenger Cup. It will be a leap into the unknown and a great experience to live together. I can’t wait, it’s exciting.

The selection that wins this Challenger Cup will qualify for the Volleyball Nations League (VNL). Is it playable?

Nothing is impossible. You will have to go get this VNL set. We will have difficult times but we will have to be able to get out of trouble, like we did, and get through it together. All this work, all this progress, this desire, this state of mind brings us back to the 2024 Olympic Games. The Games are in our heads. But before, there are many steps.

Do you realize that you are making history with this victory in the Golden League, the first title for a French women’s volleyball team?

I’m still on my little cloud because I’m having trouble realizing what we just did. It’s historic! This completes the work accomplished a month and a half ago with the group. We worked a lot and today it’s only pride.

Six games, six wins. This flawless course was without difficulty?

No, I wouldn’t say that because we had two big difficult passages. In Bosnia, we are given a set to zero in the third game. We took a good set in the face, lost 25-18. A few years earlier, after this failed start, I sincerely think that we will try to lose the match. We reacted collectively by reporting the next three rounds. We were also in difficulty in the second set, in the final against the Czechs. It was very tight, the refereeing didn’t help us much and the VAR didn’t work. In the end, we won 27-25. These two examples prove that Les Bleues are progressing in many areas, including a strong collective state of mind.

Les Bleues have definitely reached a new level?

Yes, before we weren’t able to find individual and collective solutions to start again. There, we all bounced back together. In the second leg against the Czechs, we were nervous, irritated, I felt it. But we managed to ignore these irritations, we even used them to focus on the points in a very tense end of the set. Yes we have diminished mentally and all our individualities have created a collective force. Our three players who play in Italy have trained, bring freshness and novelty.

Amélie, you have played all season with your club but you are playing as a receptionist-attacker with Les Bleues. The re-adaptation, you did it at Euro 2021, was easy?

Yes because I know the expectations of the coach and the players who expect nothing from me at the reception and who allow me on opposing service. I just have to apply myself to keep the ball in the heart of the game. I am satisfied with what I have done during this Golden League and I like this role in position 4 that my team-mates and the coach give me.

You signed in Béziers next season. What position will you be evaluating?

I play as a receiver-forward for the Angels. One of the best liberos in the world has also signed, Justine Wong-Orantes. In the France team, I feel comfortable in this position 4 and I want to work in the continuity of what I experience in Bleues as a receptionist-attacker. I liked Coach Fabien Simondet’s speech and Pablo Griboff is a very good physical trainer. This game project is close to my heart and I know that Justine will help me a lot in my reception.

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