Gimont: the next season is getting ready for ESG rugby

While the players are on vacation, we are working behind the scenes to be ready for the start of the school year and have a competitive team. Locker room tower, near the Louis-Ufferte stadium.

The first changes for next season are already known and the first recruits from Gimont have been announced. Three quarters : Maxime Garrigos (opener, RC Auch); Hugo Corjon (centre, Avenir Massylvain); Etienne Riva (center, RC Auch; return to the club); Etienne Danto (center / winger; RC Auch; resumption of activities); Loïc Broch (centre/winger; Stade Beaumont-de-Lomagne; return to the club); Jean-Baptiste Candelon (half scrum; RS Mauvezin).

Before : Loïc Villemur (pillar; Avenir Massylvain); Malet (pillar; US Isle-Jourdain); Bimako (pillar; RC Auch); Léo Gousset (pillar; recovery of activities); Clément Monferran (second line; RC Auch); Foucault (second line; US Isle-Jourdain); Laval (second row; Balma Rugby); Paul Zuccheti (second row; return to club; Italy); Laborde (third row; Avenir Nogaro). Other arrivals are to be expected, or are still “in the pipeline”.

The upcoming hen of the 3rd federal division : the national authorities have validated the “white smoke”. An exciting new formula, where half of the teams will not play anything from December, or with the fear of the descent. Thus, six training courses that must be ready to be provided from the start of the school year. And heavy for the Etoile Sportive Gimontoise: two promoted full of ambitions, US Côteaux de Pouyastruc and Union Cazères/Le Fousseret, two large regional teams which aim for the floor above, Avenir Nogaro and US Tournefeuille and finally a club bigourdan who beat ESG twice last season, US Argelès-Gazost. Very heavy, for the men of Adrien Rowling and Thomas Taché.

Friday July 1 : from 6.30 p.m., ESG-rugby general meeting; at 8 p.m., presentation of the new players, followed by a meal prepared by the Amicale des seniors (menu: starter-grilled meats-dessert; 15 euros/person). Reservations and additional information from Robin (06 33 74 29 38).

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