Gironde. Rugby: The Réolais miss the last step

The goal is clear for the next season: the rise in federal 3. (©The Republican)

The heat wave that raged last week in Aquitaine will not have helped the authorities of the League to see clearly in the decisions to be taken. The latter have indeed purely and simply decided to cancel the final at first.

The Reolais then offered to play either in the morning or early evening, two possibilities rejected by the opposing club. The League then offered to play on June 26, but the group will be that weekend… in the Balearic Islands. Finally, and after the Parentis organizing club threw in the towel, the final took place… but at Template, at 4 p.m. (sic).

And the Réolais perfectly executed this meeting by leading 3-0 in the 5′. They will lead for three short minutes before leaving the Landaise formation to settle on the planchot to lead 8-13 to citrus. We then say to ourselves that everything is still possible, but the second half will turn into a nightmare.

find the regularity

The players of Coast Landaise Rugby will indeed put their ‘big papatte’ on the meeting to leave no hope to the Réolais. Threading the tests as others thread the pearls, they will kill all suspense before the hour mark (8-34).

To pride, the residents of Raymond Abribat will however raise their heads, but the damage is done. The final is finally lost 20-51, a particularly heavy score. The opponent had shown more freshness at the end of the season, but the pride of the Stadistes will still have taken a sacred blow.

Still, the shield of the territory will advocate at the club house for the next ten months, a reward won after a hard fight against Stade Bordelais in the spring.

The Réolais had achieved a sacred performance that day and surely the most successful match of the season. However, this group must do much better next season to stick to the objectives set by the leaders and in particular that of the rise in Federal 3. It has the standing. It remains to find the path of regularity.

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