“Go back in two years”

X avier, you take over from Vanessa Bassen who was president for 6 years, how do you view her mandate?

“What we can’t take away from him is not having to file for bankruptcy six years ago. That can be a pride. Compared to the club’s situation at one point, Vanessa was able to put together a competitive team, raise the bar and save the club. If today, we recover a healthy structure, it is thanks to her and her team. »

As successor, do you want to continue the work done?

“We are leaving in the continuity of what has been done. With the new director’s office, we thought that this season would be a year of observation. We will also make our decisions according to our feelings. But we are coming, we are not going to revolutionize everything. What is important today is that we manage to position ourselves in relation to the club and to develop certain parts…

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