GOLF: Another beautiful Sunday for the Raquillet domain competition in Avoise

The start of the holidays may explain the lower attendance than usual, with only 30 golfers.

It’s been a few weeks since there was any competition for the locals on the Avoise golf course. Indeed, the past weeks were dedicated to young talents, with first the Grand Prix Jeunes ( -second-and-last-round-of-the-event-and-it-took-great-courage-for-the-golfers-to-reach-the-end-of-the-course.html), then the inter-regional final ( -the-league-of-burgundy-franche-comte.html). This Sunday, it is the François Raquillet domain of Mercurey which organized its competition, as every summer for several years. Only about thirty golfers were present at the meeting – a rather low number for the season but which is partly explained by departures on vacation following the end of the school year or the care of grandchildren. Nevertheless, in the words of one golfer of the day, the “course was magnificent and the weather ideal”.

A great day therefore, which ended with the award ceremony led by the director of golf, Alexandre Touget. François Raquillet was excused, and could not, unlike the other years played in competition.
Next meeting, next Sunday with the Billard area competition – a new sponsor this season!

Julien ZAIDI

Results :
Women :

Raw :
1st: Marie-Helene Desmurger (+7)
2nd: Motoko Favre-Matsui (+9)
3rd: Francoise Dausse (+22)

Report :
1st: Genevieve Layus (37 pts)
2nd: Martine Frerejean (33 pts)
3rd: Anne-Marie Collard (31 pts)


1st series:
Raw :

1st: Alain Desmurger (+5)
2nd: Frederic Durix (+7)
3rd: Eric Favre (+12)

Report :
1st: Patrice Renaud (37 points)
2nd: Gaspard Bidault (36 pts)
3rd: Georges Puech (29 pts)

Other series:
Raw :

1st: Jean-Jacques Bravard (+ 12)
2nd: Simon Favre (+19)
3rd: Romain Bretaire (+20)

Report :
1st: Jean-Bernard Denogent (40 points)
2nd: Yann Marchand (36 pts)
3rd: Fabrice Pelletrat (33 pts)

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