Golf. Donald Trump invites players to “take the money” and sign for the new LIV circuit

Former United States President Donald Trump, an avid golf fan, on Monday urged golfers to take the money proposed by the dissident circuit LIV, partly financed by Saudi Arabia, when several players are said to be about to join it. Trump, who is hosting two LIV events this year on grounds he owns, said players should feel free to drop the PGA Tour, which he deemed unfair on the social network he founded, Truth Social.

“If you don’t take the money now, you won’t have anything in the merger”

All golfers who remain loyal to the very disloyal PGA […] are going to pay dearly when the inevitable MERGER with the LIV takes place, and you will have nothing but a big thank you from the leaders of the PGA which earns millions of dollars a year a Trump writes. If you don’t want to take the money now, you won’t get anything when the merger happens except to tell you how smart the early signers were he added.

The former President of the United States concluded his message by congratulating Cameron Smith, who recently won the British Open. The Australian is part of the list of players who would be ready to sign a contract with LIV Golf, which has already convinced some big names in the sport in exchange for huge contracts, which would reach several hundred million dollars.

The LIV Golf circuit, headlined by former Australian glory Greg Norman, is partly financed by the Saudi public investment fund. Several human rights groups have criticized the new circuit, which they say exists only to restore Saudi Arabia’s international image, a phenomenon known as sports wash​. Besides Smith, LIV is reportedly set to attract Swedish star Henrik Stenson, who could lose his Ryder Cup captaincy if he commits to the breakaway circuit.

The Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey (USA) is set to host a Breakout Tour competition July 29-31, while another tournament is scheduled to take place at the Trump National course in Doral (Florida) , from October 27 to 30.

In an open letter to Donald Trump on Sunday, the 9/11 Justice group, an association of families of victims of the September 11 attacks, called on the former president of the United States to cut his ties with the LIV. We just don’t understand how you can accept money from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Golf Tour in order to host their tournament on your course ​, a statement from the association in its letter. “It is difficult for us to express the extreme pain, frustration and anger that this event in Bedminster causes within our community… It is incomprehensible, in our view, that a former President of the United States puts ours aside for financial purposes. »

Golf. Donald Trump invites players to “take the money” and sign for the new LIV circuit

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