Goran Dragic explains why signing to the Dallas Mavericks was out of the question

As a few months ago when he decided to sign with the Nets rather than the Mavs, we were surprised by the choice of Goran Dragic not to sign in Texas a few days ago, and to prefer the Bulls. For Siol.net he explained this choice to take the direction of Illinois rather than to associate with Luka Doncic.

“Many factors played a role, two of which are certainly the excellent coach Billy Donovan and the vice-president of the club, Arturas Karnisovas. I worked with him in the past with the Houston Rockets,” Dragic explained. “There is, of course, Nikola Vucevic. I already spoke to Chicago last season, but unfortunately things took a different direction. Well, not unfortunately, things happened the way they did and I chose Brooklyn. This time, I think it’s time to give Chicago a chance. We know the Chicago Bulls have a rich history so it will be an honor to wear this jersey and it looks like we will have a great season. Last year I was positively surprised by their performance for most of the season, especially in the regular season, but then they had some injury issues. »

As for his role in the squad, he will be the back-up point guard behind Lonzo Ball, although that is the uncertainty regarding the latter’s presence at the start of the season. A fairly clear role.

“I will be the second playmaker, for 20-25 minutes per game, so a role that will be quite important,” called Goran Dragic. “That’s what makes me happiest, to still be able to play at the highest level. Despite my 36 years, I feel very good and I will try to play as long as possible. In my head, I have two more seasons to go, and we’ll see how things go.

It was this assurance of having an important role that notably decided him to join Chicago rather than Dallas.

“I was in contact with a few clubs, Dallas was one of them,” Dragic explained. “But at the end of the day, they couldn’t guarantee me that I would play. They told me that I would spend more time on the bench. I’m not interested in that, so a signing there was out of the question. »


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