Goran Dragic tackles his former Nets teammates

Left free by the Toronto Raptors where he did not play, and coveted by several suitors, Goran Dragic decided to join the Brooklyn Nets, not really a profitable choice even if there was playing time. The team did not pass the first round of the playoffs, swept 4-0, and he decided to leave to engage with the Bulls.

“It was really difficult last season, but that’s part of the sport. I’m happy to have arrived in the club environment that I wanted, in which I know I’m going to play, where I can find consistency, and that’s what I’m happiest about,” Goran said. Dragic to Sportal. “Last season I didn’t play for four months, then I came to Brooklyn and immediately played 30 minutes, which was tough. The season really wasn’t successful, but the most important thing is that it’s behind us, it’s in the past and now we can only look forward. »

And obviously the atmosphere at the Nets was not the best, not really a surprise.

“I played with stars, like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and I have to admit it was quite difficult because the focus was not on the team, but more on individual performance. »

The Nets are now on the verge of implosion with the possible departures of the two superstars. Leaving Brooklyn was undoubtedly the best choice to make for the Slovenian, who was spoiled for choice and was still able to show during his short stint in the Big Apple that he still had some leftovers with 10.5 points at 56.3%, 4.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists in the playoffs.

Via New York Post


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