Handball: 54 Comorian sportsmen disappeared in the wild upon their arrival in Reunion

Arriving on the island on June 27, 54 Comorian athletes disappeared into the wild. Coming to play a handball competition, only 3 of them would have returned to the Comoros. This is information from our colleagues from RTL Réunion and the Gazette des Comores.

The facts took place on Monday, June 27. A sports tournament was organized in Reunion, teams from Mayotte, Madagascar and the Comoros were invited to participate.

D-day, the Comoros team informed the organization that she had missed her flight. It was therefore decided to give them an additional 24 hours to catch their plane, it was impossible since the next flight was only the following Wednesday, so the delegation could not take part in the competition. The accommodation is then canceled and the Comorian handball league is avoided. The Comorian players still made the trip and would have been accommodated at the Hermitage campsite according to Philippe Alexandrino, president of the Reunionese handball league.

The other teams participating in this competition let us know that a delegation from the Comoros was arriving at the Hermitage campsite and that they would have asked for the possibility of accommodation. The information we have had suggests that the campsite would have provided them with two tents so that they could be accommodated“, he indicates.

The Comoros consulate and the French sports ministry claim not to be aware of the story. However, the Commorian Minister of Sports presented a letter of apology to France. In it, the minister apologizes and assures that he will put in place more seized measures so that such setbacks do not happen again.

Irregular situation

The Prefecture of Reunion confirms having been informed of the absence of return of Comorian handball players to the Comoros after their arrival in Reunion, despite the commitments made and deplores this situation.

The Prefecture recalls that the Comorians concerned are in an irregular situation, it also specifies that when it was informed, immediately alerted the security forces of Reunion.

The president of the Comorian handball league confirms that players have made the trip and have not yet returned. He claims to have warned the ministry and does not understand that visas were still issued to these players.

In total out of the 76 visa applications, 57 people made the trip to Reunion and only 3 returned to the Comoros. The other 54 are still in the wild.


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