Handball: a complicated exit from COVID for ASG

rachel masson enveloped by Sylvie Zambon as treasurer and sports assistant Karine Bédez.

Rachel masson supervised by Sylvie Zambon the treasurer and sports assistant Karine Bédez.

Like many sports clubs, the ASG handball finally had the pleasure of meeting as part of its annual meeting after a complicated COVID period from which some indoor sports are struggling to recover. But President Rachel Masson is ready to take up the challenge, provided that volunteering finds a second wind within her favorite club.

Scheduled at the Olac restaurant, the meeting had a particular flavor since it was also intended to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the club which had been created in June 2002 under the impetus, among others, of Rachel Masson, the last survivor of this era. . The current president of ASG handball who was going to play in Bruyères with 4 other people who ended up having the idea of ​​setting up a club in the Gérardmer sector. Having heard of another local team that had similar ambitions, Rachel Masson and her friends decided to make common cause and the two entities joined forces to form the Gérôme club with a certain Patrick Didier as its first president…

Rachel Masson was part of the team that gave birth to ASG handball 20 years ago.

Rachel Masson was part of the team that gave birth to ASG handball 20 years ago.

Today, the situation has changed a lot, particularly following the health crisis: “ We have a small club that works well, the finances are healthy, but it’s very complicated to recover from two years of COVID. It is difficult to recover the licensees who have gone to outdoor sports in particular, and even if we have parents who play the game, we need to revitalize the core of volunteers. For the first time since I became president, I won’t say that the situation is chaotic, but it is worrying… We are going to lose two coaches this year: Magali Lalevée for personal reasons, and Jean-Nicolas Bailly who is leaving for Bordeaux with his little family that we must honor tonight, it will be an opportunity to say goodbye to them and thank you explains Rachel Masson.

AG Handball (3)Fortunately, there are sources of satisfaction for the club and its president: “ Our under 15 boys had a great season on and off the pitch and finished first in the interdepartmental championship. They were coached by Gérard Dreux who, more or less, will take over the same core of players next year for the under-18s. We also have a good pool of referees, which is essential for a club to host competitions. And I come back to the volunteers: you have to be at least 4 to manage a match now. Fortunately, I was able to count on my treasurer (Sylvie Zambon – Ed.) this year which has ensured 3/4 of the games at the table this season. We need more people like her every weekend! adds Rachel Masson. the latter is therefore leaving for a deleted term of four years as president but has announced that she was “on a trial period for a year” and I thus reserve the right to throw in the towel in a year if things have not evolved to this level. ” Volunteering is truly an endangered species she says.

Still in terms of club life, it should be noted that the handfauteuil will take its independence to become a full-fledged club with its own office, statutes and treasury, but ” always with the same enthusiasts says Rachel Masson, who adds that the two clubs will continue to pool resources, particularly human resources, when organizing certain sporting or social events. This will be particularly the case for the traditional lotto which will therefore be organized jointly by the two structures on November 2. Finally, on the occasion of this general assembly, the club also wished to thank the two co-presidents of the handball club of the Vallée de la Cleurie, Valentin and Grégoire: ” We loaned players and we made agreements, which is the future, unlike mergers which, in the end, often do not bring more players in sectors like ours. “Concludes the president of Gérome.

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