Handball / JIOI / Preselection: Presentations are made

A week after the formalization of the first shortlist for the men’s and women’s teams called upon to represent Reunion at the Indian Ocean Islands Games 2023, all the players were present in Saint-Denis, for a first take. of contact. A moment of exchange. “The idea was to make a general presentation, then each group went to their own corner to set the objectives and the preparation schedule,” says Christophe Coindevel, the assistant coach of the men’s team. “This (yesterday) evening is a moment of welcome, continues Cathy Palma-Lafosse, the head of the women’s group. We are used to rubbing shoulders on the pitch, but we don’t all know each other.”

Pre-selection criteria

Everyone kept repeating the same thing: “This is only a first preselection, slips Palma-Lafosse. The list is not fixed. It can move. is a photograph at a given time.” In this sense, discussions have been adapted with Mathilde Bacca, the Tampon wing / rear, on the departure for Bourg-de-Péage and the high level… “It’s an open list, abounds Christophe. After the first part championship, depending on the form and returns from injury, we will advise. ” We are thinking in particular of players such as Jackson Pavadé, who arrive at Port HB, Alexandre Revel (absent throughout the 2nd part of the season) or again Frédéric Budel (injured). “There, we lay the foundations and we will refine as we go, evokes Coindevel. The solid base will be known from January. We red…

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