Handball meeting for the CE2-CM class

On Tuesday, June 7, the CE2-CM1-CM2 class from the Saint-Dionisy school went to the Langlade football stadium to take part in an inter-school meeting. Brice Arnaud, educator at the French Handball Federation, in partnership with Usep (League Sports Association for Education) and the federation, organized this day between schools.

The goal was to mix classes in order to bring all the values ​​of sport such as meeting, cooperation and playing with other children. The spirit of competition between schools was not the idea. A hundred students came. A class of CE2-CM1-CM2 for Saint-Dionisy and three classes for Langlade of CE2-CM2, CM1 and CM2.

A training took place with Brice in January. This day saw the end of this session in a good atmosphere. For the most part it went well and the children were happy to participate.

At noon, a common picnic ended this sporting exchange.

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