Handball: “My wife left on the return from the Euro”, the confession of Valentin Porte who renounces the gathering of the Blues

It is a rare confession. In the columns of the Team, Valentin Porte, the captain of the Olympic champion French team, explains the reasons which lead him to give up the gathering of the Blues who are preparing this week for two Golden League matches against Norway and Denmark on next weekend: “In my current state, I am not ready to honor a selection. Out of respect for the France team, I appointed myself to Guillaume (Gille, the coach) “had been designated in the day of the Montpellier player in a press release from the federation.

In the evening, Valentin Porte went further, confiding in the deeper and more intimate reasons for this package. “I don’t feel ready, and it worries me, to honor a selection for the France team. I don’t feel comfortable, not well, he confides before telling the whole truth. My wife left on the return from the Euro (which ended at the end of January). Which forced me to go to therapy for the first time, to try to manage. Today, I have the impression that with my wife it will work out, in any case I do everything for it. But as my therapist says to me, “what matters to me is you”. There, for two weeks, she presses on things buried well, that I did not want to reveal ”.

And the captain of Montpellier to insist. “It makes me ask myself a lot of questions and I’m not psychologically ready – and even anxious – to join the France team. If the coach had told me he wanted me to be there anyway, I would have come. I thank him because he listened to me and he understands my approach, he notes. It’s not a cheater thing. The therapist talked about depression and that it must not turn into depression. There, I slowly go up the slope, but I need a little time. »

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