Handball. Pouzauges two fingers away from the grand slam. sport

It has become an obligatory passage at the end of the season… An ephemeral parquet floor that all the teams in the department dream of treading! “Even if we tend to think that the room is almost too big for the event , begins François Hellio, captain of the Pouzauge reserve. But still, it’s a super nice place; what a great atmosphere on both sides for our final. » Disputed at Vendespace, like all senior departmental finals, men and women, with a lot of enthusiasm and passion.

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Even far from its cauldron, the Pouzaugeaise furia vibrated again, with the possibility of bringing back three trophies. And if the 11 goals of Challandaise Jennifer Lefebvre, in the Women’s Cup, deprived the PVHB of the Grand Slam, the Pouzaugeais did the job, mastering their two finals from start to finish.

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“We didn’t want to miss everything, report François Hellio, who ended his career on Sunday, after twelve seasons at Pouzauges. We had already finished instead of the idiot in Pre-Nat (4e), narrowly missing the climb; so there, we had to win! » More numerous on the sheet, the Yonnais then collided “to a very homogeneous collective, where the desire of young people perfectly complements the experience of the oldest” . Because with Thomas Bremaud, Mathieu Braud, Sébastien Boiteau, Davy Gelot and therefore “the great Aldo” , the pouzaugeaise reserve had a mouthful… “We had prepared our case well, and goalkeeper Louis Calesse was decisive. It’s the icing on the cake for the club. And for me, who had never played the Coupe de Vendée, a nice wink for me withdrawn without bitterness and without regret. »

The results of the finals

Men’s Vendée Cup. Pouzauges VHB 2 – La Roche VHB: 33-25 (16-12)

Women’s Vendée Cup. Challans NH – Pouzauges VHB: 29-28 (12-13)

Men’s Vendée Challenge. Pouzauges VHB 3 – HBC du Havre de Vie: 30-22 (14-8)

Women’s vendée challenge. La Roche VHB 4 – Le Poiré Bellevigny: 18-11 (11-8)


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