Handball: US Monteil well represented in the selections of the Loire

On Sunday, the gymnasiums of Monteil and Mazel hosted the intercommittees for the young departmental selections of players born in 2009.

Within the Loire team, the US Monteil was very well represented with Rudy Ruel, Leny Rollin Chesneau, Gacien Treveys, Louis Linger, Anthony Croze, Robin Jamet and Gabin Masson Coudert among the boys, and Marine Petavy, Louise Mouchot, Flora Vacher, Cléa Beal, Maelys Besset, Méline Roure and Mélina Su for the girls.

This tournament was a great review of staff for the selections of the Loire, Drôme-Ardèche and Rhône. In 2023, three rounds will be organized to try to qualify for the French inter-committee championships.

Women’s results

Rhone-Loire: 20-12

Rhône – Drôme-Ardèche: 11-14

Drôme-Ardèche – Loire: 20-15

Rhône – Drôme-Ardèche: 8-14

Loire – Drôme-Ardèche: 11-21

Loire – Rhone: 5-27

Male results

Rhone 1 – Loire: 34-27

Drôme-Ardèche – Rhône 2: 26-23

Rhône 1 – Drôme-Ardèche: 31-30

Loire – Rhone 2: 21-20

Loire – Drôme-Ardèche: 25-27


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