Handi tennis standing: successful bet for Castanet-Tolosan

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The TCCT offered the very first tournament in France for this discipline. The competitors, including foreigners, were divided into two categories.

“It was a real success. We are already thinking about the 2nd edition. We are thinking about the dates.” Licensed to the Tennis Club of Castanet-Tolosan (TCCT), Jean-Claude Planque had launched the bet to organize the first competition on French soil dedicated to Handi standing tennis (HTD). A discipline that concerns players with physical disabilities affecting one or more lower or upper limbs.

Himself practicing HTD (he has had no hands since birth and only half of his right leg with an artificial knee, hitting the ball with a racquet attachment system on his left arm), he had first launched in April a first initiation-advanced course at the TCCT. “The HTD is not yet recognized and valued by the French Tennis Federation. However, there is demand”, recalls this Northerner, installed for four years in the Toulouse region. Two months later, the bet was therefore successful with a dozen players gathered for this 1st edition sponsored by Arnaud Clément (former 10th in the world). “Spain, Sweden and Venezuela were represented. We had a good atmosphere and the feedback was positive. I thank the Castanet club, the volunteers and the partners. For the next edition, we hope to have players and competitors under 40,” concluded Jean-Claude Planque, who took part in the event.

Ivan, the other Corretja

Note that the tournament brought together two categories: amputation below the knee (PST 1); Above-knee amputation and related disabilities (PST 2). In the first category, the Spaniard Ivan Corretja (the brother of Alex, former world No.2 and double finalist at Roland-Garros) had the last word. In the other category, Frenchman Cédric Delmas, from Bouches-du-Rhône, won the title. “I had participated in the TCCT course. After my amputation of my left leg in May 2020, I found the pleasure of kicking the ball again because I had played tennis when I was younger. Congratulations again to Jean -Claude and at the Castanet club. I take this opportunity to talk about the Génération Avant-Garde association, deployed in Bordeaux, which has defended the interests of disabled people. It is currently working on the adoption of a bill which could fully cover a sports prosthesis per disabled person. Sport is still considered an element of comfort even though we know the benefits of physical activity on health, both physical and psychological”, sums up – he.

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