HBC Nantes will start at Tremblay

Finalist a few days ago in the previous edition, HBC Nantes will start the edition of the 2022-2023 French Cup in Tremblay (Proligue), at the stage of the sixteenth finals. The meeting will take place on September 6 or 7. Previously, on September 3, H will play for the Champions Trophy against PSG. The first StarLeague championship match will take place between September 8 and 11.

The complete draw of the 16th

Tremblay – HBC Nantes, Saran – Istres, Frontignan – Limoges, Cherbourg – Ivry, Dijon – Chambéry, Massy – Chartres, Bruges – Dunkirk, Sarrebourg – Aix, Villeurbanne – Créteil, Nice – Montpellier, Billère – Saint-Raphaël, Strasbourg – PSG , Nancy – Sélestat, Caen – Nîmes, Besançon – Cesson, Pontault-Combault.

Handball. Coupe de France: HBC Nantes will start at Tremblay

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