heavily damaged after storms in Île-de-France

Big damage. Images of cars with windshields shattered by impacts, roofs shattered or verandas with holes are circulating on social networks. According to our colleagues from Parisian, there were even injuries at the Nemours carnival, where the participants took shelter where they could.

A super storm cell

Hailstorms caused a lot of damage, this Sunday evening around 11 p.m., in the Nemours region, following the announced thunderstorms. Seine-et-Marne had been placed in the day in orange vigilance to storms.

A super storm cell, accompanied by hail the size of golf balls, swept through the Nemours, Avon and Moret-sur-Loing sectors, causing damage. The communes of Chevru, Choisy-en-Brie, Rebais and La Ferté-Gaucher were not spared either.

Several Internet users, with supporting photos, shared the damage


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