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From August 3 to 10 in Côte d’Ivoire, the men’s and women’s national volleyball teams will participate in the Zone 3 Volleyball Nations Cup. The coaches of the men’s and women’s national teams, Franck Lokonon and Ghislain Tomédé unveiled this Monday, July 11, 2022 respectively their list of players who will take part in the competition. The publication of these two lists will allow the two national coaches to have more time to prepare their players.

Thus, from next week, the two national men’s and women’s teams will go green until their departure for Côte d’Ivoire. It should be noted that the professional volleyball championship will be temporarily suspended to allow the national selections to prepare for the Volleyball Zone 3 Nations Cup.



1-Gnango Marduyath (Queens)

2-Toviho Jacqueline (Queens)

3-Kuassi Odjo Julienne (Queens)

4-Cissé Akima (Queens)

5-Adam Aissatou (Allada O.VBC)

6-Toko Oustazirath (Allada O.VBC)

7- Agossou E. Grace (Allada O.VBC)

8 – Kora Djamilath (Adjidja VBC)

9-Kona Tango (Adjidja VBC)

10- Sodokin Evideva (Adjidja VBC)

11- Okpo Rebecca (VBC Energy)

12-Sèki Edith ((VBC Energy)


15- Issa Idrissou Rafi (Queens Vbc)

16- Agbodossindji Christelle (Queens VBC)

17 – Tabé Cherifath (VBC Buffaloes)


Barassounou Adjaratou (Adjidja Vbc)

Coach: Ghislain Tomede

Senior Men’s National Teams

List of preselected men


01 – Tamou Faisal (Allada O. VBC)

02- Tab2 Saleck (Finance VBC)

03- Yacoubou Daouda (VKP Sovaque)

04- Moukaila Tidjani (Finance Vbc)

05 – Tohouégnon Tobby (Adjidja VBC)

06- DETE Bosco (USFA Burkina Faso)

07- Gaba Raoul (USB Sakare VBC)

08- Adansikou Valdo (Allada O. VBC)

09 – Kouakanou Aguèmon (Energy Vbc)

10-Kora Walliou (Finance Vbc)

11- DEKI Ishmael (Finance Vbc)

12- Baparape Hamid (Adjdja VBC)

13- Jose Janus ((Allada O. VBC)


14- Moukaila Mohamed (Finance Vbc)

15-Gahoué Fayçal (As Customs Burkina Faso)

16 – Missikpodé Marcel (Energy Vbc)


17- Maboudou Florent (USB SAKARE VBC)

18- Aliou Adam Badarou (Allada O. VBC)

Coach: Franck Lokonon

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