High mountains. The Golf de Serre-Ponçon association continues its project in Crots

During the general meeting of the Golf de Serre-Ponçon association, the activities of the published years were presented. The big project remains the creation of a golf course in the town of Crots at a place called La Garenne. “We continue to take care of our golf project in Crots, but it is not without difficulty. At the start of this file, the president of the community of municipalities of Serre-Ponçon told us that it would be an 18-hole golf course or nothing. From there a number of studies were offset. In November 2020, we learned that the 18-hole golf course was no longer relevant, and that it would be a nine-hole course with the possibility of extension. During a meeting, we indicated to the president our thoughts on the project and the fact that we are not very favorable to this development. She replied that it would be that or nothing, ”recalls President Jean-Louis Céard.

A disrupted project

He continues the story by recalling the two “no golf” demonstrations in April and June 2021. For him, the participation figures were overestimated compared to reality: “There were around fifty in April and around fifteen, so clearly decrease, in June when the zone to be defended (ZAD) was declared”.

Jean-Louis Céard indicates that the association has written to all the mayors of the community of communes. UN power point is ready for them but none of them asked for it. He said he attended with Gilles Rostaing, technical adviser, and Bernard Frin, president of the departmental golf committee, at various public meetings on the land development projects of the community of communes where the golf project was developed, as well as the one with the merchants of Embrun on December 8th.

“A golf course foresees a positive result in two or three years”

“The president is a priori always in favor of the project, it set up an economic viability study. Depending, this will be returned after 2026. She said passing the cost on to citizens was out of the question. We know from the JB consulting study that a golf course provides a positive result in two or three years. The Montgenèvre golf course would pay 50,000 euros per year to its municipality. Crots’ problem is that nothing will happen until the internal issues are resolved. The president would agree to the creation of a practice, but we know very well that without play areas they are never beneficiaries, ”says Jean-Louis Céard.

Gilles Rostaing specifies that out of 12 golf courses in France located in mountain areas, only one is in deficit in the Pyrenees at Bagnères-de-Luchon, which operates under municipal management.

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The office is composed of: Jean-Louis Céard president, Robert Agnel secretary, Max Pedeux treasurer, members Bernard Frin in charge of biodiversity, Jean-Claude Dhenain, and Gilles Rostaing technical adviser.

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