High school – What happened to Robert Bobroczky, the tallest player in the world?

Robert Bobrockzy, the greatest high school player in the world at the time, had caused considerable buzz at the end of 2019. But by the way, what has become of him since all this time? Is he still at least playing basket? Did he end up turning professional? Make the point.

It’s not really his name that had made the rounds of the web, but rather the images. More than 3 years ago now, the Romanian Robert Bobroczky landed at the SPIRE Institute to be there, in particular, the teammate of LaMelo Ball.

Quickly, the giant challenged by his immeasurable size, but also his thinness and his difficulties in running because of scoliosis. Born in 2000, Robert measured 1m87 at the age of 8 (you read that right), before reaching between 2m31 and 2m35, according to sources, at the dawn of his 20s.

And inevitably, it shows alongside ordinary people:

(credit: DR)

If Bobroczky has will provide the looks from the side of the SPIRE Institute, the interest was more linked to his gigantic size than to his game. Indeed, the big guy never played, even if he had become part of the roster. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to understand why: where other giants like Tacko Chute or Gheorghe Muresan (in his time) had despite their huge size a muscle mass and mobility that allowed them to impact the ground, Robert is far too thin and limited in his movements. ARROW Yet he had concocted a special diet to gain mass… in vain.

Past the age of adolescence, where his enormous size advantage was sufficient to allow him relative domination, his influence on a field became far too insufficient to imagine him continuing at a very high level. If he joined a NAIA team, the little sister of the NCAA, his career unfortunately came to nothing. However, this should not prevent him from brilliantly entering working life, knowing that he has always been a very good student and already speaks no less than 5 languages: Romanian, Italian, English, Hungarian and Serbian. A sacred argument on the CV.

Well beyond the basket, all that can be saved from Robert Bobroczky is to live as long as possible. You should know that people supported by gigantism are often subject to a shortened life expectancy and many health problems. For example, Robert Wadlow, the tallest man in history (2.72 meters) died at only 22 years old, in 1940. Of course, medicine was less developed and efficient at the time, if that can reassure young Bobroczky.

For Robert Bobroczky, the basket dream ended quite prematurely, without much surprise in the end. We wish him maximum success, happiness and health away from the floors for the rest of his journey!

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