Hockey – Swiss team: Hischier and Kurashev from the game in Cham –

Patrick Fischer has selected 23 players for the “Prospect Camp”, scheduled for July 25 to 28 in Cham (ZG) and which will mark the start of the season for the Swiss team. Among them is New Jersey Devils captain Nico Hischier.

The Valais center is not the only player stamped NHL to appear in the selection of Fischer, whose objective is to allow players under 25 to discover the system of play and the philosophy of the A team. goalkeeper Akira Schmid (New Jersey), defender Tim Berni (Columbus) and forward Phillip Kurashev (out of contract in Chicago) will also be there.

Akira Schmid (22) is also one of the 7 players selected to have no selection for the Swiss team, with defenders David Aebischer, Colin Gerber, Nico Gross and Nathan Vouardoux as well as attackers Marco Lehmann and Gian- Mark Wetter. As for the French-speaking clubs, Simon Le Coultre (Geneva-Servette), Ken Jäger (Lausanne), Marco Miranda (Geneva-Servette) and Sandro Schmid (Fribourg-Gottéron) have been called up.


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