Hockey: the Red Panthers qualify for the quarters of the World Cup: a first since… 1981

Before the match, the Chileans have already noticed themselves in the stands. Many supporters had made the trip. They were singing and screaming. Belgian fans responded with ‘Belgium, Belgium’.

For their first knockout match, the Belgians were intractable. They never allowed doubt to interfere in this crossover. The scorer was quickly carried away to their advantage. They qualify for the quarter-finals for the first time since 1981. At the time, there were no quarter-finals, but they finished the campaign in Buenos Aires in 8th place. They will face the world No. 1, the Netherlands, on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Amstelveen. The greatest challenge in hockey history.

Saturday night, the Red Panthers first contained the Chilean passion. In the 4th minute, the referee left an advantage for Chile instead of whistling a pc. Sotgiu was already on parade. Gerniers recovered, launched Struijk who found Versavel in the circle. She was missing her control. In the 5th minute, the first pc was Belgian. Vanden Borre slept perfectly. The goal freed Panthers. Englebert went solo after a recovery and got a second pc on her own in the 9th minute. Vanden Borre’s slumber had a third pc after video recourse. Schuler was deviating from the stick. The Belgians kept the ball in the 25. They caused their 5th pc in the 11th minute which brought the 6th. Brasseur prevented a Chilean shot. On a recovery from Gerniers, Versavel received the ball and spun on the left flank. His backhand cross was deflected by Justine Rasir. Struijk was fighting for 7th pc with 13 seconds remaining in the first quarter. Vanden Borre shook the nets (3-0).

The second quarter was animated first by a shot from Ballenghien. Puvrez created a foot in the circle, 8th pc. Vanden Borre was countered, but caused the 9th pc in the 20th minute! Villagran was going out too soon. On the 10th, Vanden Borre’s sleep was countered, but the ball remained in the circle. Englebert, at the far post, pushed into the empty goal. On a cross from Rasir, the Chilean defender deflected the ball on the head of De Mot. 11th pc in the 22nd minute. He was opposed.

Chile blamed the blow and no longer lined up two corrected passes. The Red Panthers were increasingly ubiquitous with a very aggressive press. The trust was total. Audacity too.

In the 27th minute, Brasseur won yet another shot. She remained on the ground before getting up. A first Chilean pc was canceled because the ball was dangerous. Hillewaert swung his stick which earned him a green. Just before the break, a rise in the field marked by passes in one time arrived at the stick of France De Mot.

After 48 seconds, Englebert countered a ball and made a half of the field alone before adjusting a shot that deceived Salvador who had just replaced Schuler (5-0). The positioning of the Reds on the ground prevented the Chileans from coming out of defense properly. Sotgiu took out a shot from Valdivia. Gerniers went against, but did not understand Rasir. The third quarter was dominated by the Panthers who weren’t creating many big chances.

The first Chilean pc fell in the 47th minute because of a kick from Vanden Borre. He was badly stopped, but touched De Mot’s foot. Re pc. De Mot touched the ball again, but asked for the video to cancel this 3rd pc. Belgium lost its video. The 3rd pc brought the 4th because of a stick from Ballenghien. And 5. D’Hooghe was there. The Red Panthers calmed the game in this last quarter while taking care of the zero at the back. In the 56th minute, the 12th pc was provoked by Ballenghien who put him to sleep. Rasir and Versavel played a counter to the circle. Nelen offered a 13th pc. The Chilean fans continued to encourage their team despite the dry score. A final shot from Rasir was deflected.

Belgium – Chile 5-0

Belgium : Sotgiu; Puvrez, Vanden Borre, Brasseur, Hillewaert; Nelen, Struijk, Vandermeiren; Englebert, ‘T Serstevens, Ballenghien; then Rasir, Gerniers, Versavel, Leclef, De Mot, Breyne, D’Hooghe (16th)

Chili : Schüler; Ananias, Villagran, Krimerman, Flores, Filipek, Urroz, Caram, Tala, Solano, Maldonado; then Salas, Palma, Parra, Valdivia, Arrieta, Khamis, Salvador (31st)

Referees : Mrs A. Rostron and I. Presenqui

Green card : 28th Hillewaert

The buts : 6th Vanden Borre on pc (1-0), 14th Rasir (2-0), 15th Vanden Borre on pc (3-0), 20th Englebert on continuation of pc (4-0), 31st Englebert (5-0)

Penalty corner: Belgium (3/13) and Chile (/5)

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