Hugo Besson finally enters his Summer League

Before the start of the Summer League, Vin Baker talks aboutHugo Besson like a “very talented player”. The Bucks coach during the summer league was full of praise for the Frenchman “He is someone who works hard in the room. He knows how to play, dribble, shoot. Can’t wait to see in Las Vegas”he added.

Except that after two games, Besson had only had the right to four short minutes on the court. Against Wolves, he finally had playing time, with 18 minutes.

“It was my first real game so I was happy to be on the court. I took advantage of this moment, he attributed after the meeting won by Milwaukee. “The main thing is to be focused, to be ready when the coach calls you. »

The former Saint-Quentin player finished this game with 6 points, 2/7 to shoot, and 5 rebounds. He had scored all of his points in the first quarter, with a perfect 2/2 behind the arc. The rest will be more complicated since he will no longer find the target.

I was a bit lost, it was a strange feeling”

But the main thing is there: Besson has therefore finally launched his Summer League, three weeks after his Draft by the Pacers in 58th choice and his trade to the 2021 champions in stride. A visibly contrasting memory.

“I was a little frustrated because I expected more to be chosen at the end of the first round or at the start of the second”he comments. “I was happy to be taken, but at the same time, I was the last player in this Draft. So I was a little lost, it was a strange feeling, but that’s how it is. Besides, I was transferred. The evening was long, very long. »

And its future remains rather vague. The Athletic reported that the French leader was not going to play the 2022/2023 season with Giannis Antetokounmpo and company. But where could he bounce then? Does he know more now?

“For my future next season, I don’t know,” says the Frenchman. “For now, I’m with the Bucks, I’m happy. I will take this chance to get a place in this squad. »

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