“I found it very very bad”

Passing through the Summer League in Las Vegas to see the young shoots of the Warriors, Draymond Green was particularly disappointed with the performance of Jonathan Kuminga. Against the Knicks he signed only 4 points at 2/10, 3 assists, 2 rebounds and 5 lost balls. The veteran did not fail to tell him his 4 truths and mentioned this in his podcast The Draymond Green Show.

“I’m going to say it publicly and I said it to his face,” Draymond Green said. “I thought Jonathan Kuminga was very, very bad in the game I went to see against the New York Knicks. I found it very very bad. He didn’t seem engaged. »

Draymond was particularly unhappy that his presence hadn’t given the young Congolese a motivational surprise.

When my veterans offered to see me in the Summer League, I was bouncing off the walls,” Green credited. “When your veterans are there, you want to destroy everyone in front of you, just because they are there. It looked like he lacked energy. ‘Cause if he’s got that energy, there’s no one in summer league who can match you.

Eventually Kuminga responded in the next two games with 28 and 29 points.

“He bounced back the next game and was like, ‘Yeah, I had some pep. There is no one in the Summer League who can defend against me. » Draymond Green


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