“I hope this franchise is ready for Paolo Banchero”

Draymond Green paid very nice compliments to the No. 1 in the draft Paolo Banchero during the last episode of his show:

“Right before the draft I tweeted about Paolo Banchero, and I think the Magic may have seen that because all of a sudden they picked him… No one knew they were going to take him, so that news travels fast in the NBA, and then I tweet that and they choose it. But I think Paolo is part of this kind of very special player, because of the things he did on the pitch that were not scoring. Yes he put points, but on the actions where he did not have the ball, it is on this that he reveals himself. He picks up his teammates, he is decisive at the end of the match. When was the last time we saw the Magic fight like that to win? A moment ! And I hope this franchise is ready for this player. Because this player is a winner. He played those Summer League games like it was the NBA Finals! With the same intensity.

If it doesn’t work, everyone will say that Paolo messed up, that he wasn’t here, that he wasn’t that. And I’m not saying it won’t be his fault, I’m just saying that we never say the opposite. So I say it before: I hope this organization is ready for this guy. Because he is special. I said it when he was at Duke. He has this thing. He wants it. You don’t see that very often in the NBA anymore. »

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