“I made more money than Bill Russell and he is a much better player than me”

Every year the salary cap increases and every year the max contracts signed by NBA players get crazier and crazier. Bradley Beal an example signed to the Wizards for 251 million dollars over 5 years, which means that he will receive 57.1 million dollars in the last year of his contract! It’s a lot of talk, and on Washington Football Talk Podcast, Charles Barkley a reacted.

Wow ! A reacted Charles Barkley. “I’ll tell you something. My mom, I love my mom, she passed away a few years ago, and every time I see one of those contracts, I want to go to her grave and say, ‘Why didn’t you? Couldn’t you wait a few more years to get me?! Just a few more years!’ Barkley added jokingly.

Whether Shaq is very jealous of the contracts that players of the new generation are now signing, in particular Rudy GobertCharles Barkley has no problem with that.

” You know what ? Bless these young people,” Barkley named. Bradley Beal is one hell of a player. I never want to be that old guy that’s like, ‘Get off my lawn.’ I made more money than Bill Russell, and he’s a much better player than me. I won more money than Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) and he is a much better player than me. God bless them. It’s nice to be able to sign this kind of contract if you can.

Time will tell if the Wizards made the right decision by offering Beal this contract, and including in it a no-trade clause.


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