“I want to bring my passion for handball”

Ilian, why did you choose the CSBJ?

“In Vesoul, I was like an adviser. I coached, but I was not a head coach. When President Julien Prat called me, it motivated me because there is a big project. All my life, I fought in the hand for this kind of project. It’s motivating because I know that the club is counting on me and it needs to be structured. I want to bring my passion for handball to Bourgoin. I decided to come alone, without my wife. It’s not for the money that I come, Bourgoin is a club with limited means, but it’s good for me. I have the opportunity to be a real coach. I want to show myself that I am capable of meeting this challenge despite my “old age” [58 ans, ndlr]. Very sincerely, I want to earn my place. »

“I signed for a year, like that, to see if it works…”

“That’s why I…

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