Ice hockey. N1: with five arrivals, a new chapter opens in Ploufragan – Rink hockey

Rink hockey Ploufragan (N1)

The curtain has fallen on the 2021-22 season. The flag team of Stade Ploufraganais ranks sixth, three points from the podium, and eleven ahead of its first pursuer: Le Poiré-sur-Vie. The club, dear to the president Yves-Marie Donval, is now installed in the first half of the classification.

Some, for various reasons, did not pursue the adventure. Others decided to join the project. The objective remains to burn stages while continuing to rely on the formation. The recovery date has not yet been set but it will be under the leadership of a new physical trainer: Alexandre Delon and with five recruits.


Arrivals: Sergio Burgoa (coach, 44 years old, Dinan-Quévert N1), Marc Carrasco (attacking midfielder, 23 years old, Spanish Barcelona D2 Spanish), Renzo Comandone (striker 24 years old, Wolfurt D1 LNA), Benjamin Puentes (defensive midfielder, 26 years old, Le Poiré N1), Julien Boulau (striker 19 years old, Créhen N2).

Departures: Joao Patricio (player-coach?), Anthony Le Roux (stop), Iker Bosch (Spain?), Titouan Rousseau (studies?).

SPRS squad 2022-23: Nicolas Chedmail (l), Marvyn Chevalier (l), Gwendal Quintin, Wilfried Roux, Benjamin Puentes (CHI), Edgar Peralata (ESP), Marc Carrasco (ESP), David Abreu (POR), Renzo Comandone (ITA/ARG), Julien Boulau. In: Sergio Burgoa (ARG).

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