Ice hockey: No, but Killian Mottet, aren’t you serious?


The Fribourg-Gottéron striker has just extended his contract until 2027. The opportunity to ask him some offbeat questions which he has voluntarily answered. All without being provoked. A handsome player.

Good news for Gottéron: Killian Mottet will be a Dragon at least until 2027.

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Offbeat questions? The exercise was relatively easy for Killian Mottet, to whom his trainer Christian Dubé must undoubtedly repeat before each match: “Above all, Kiki, you don’t let yourself be provoked! “.

Handsome player, the 31-year-old Swiss international still took the opportunity to explain (very slightly) the underside of his contract extension until 2027 with his training club and why he thinks Fribourg-Gottéron will continue to play. the leading roles in the future:

Why didn’t you jump at the chance to sign for Bern – like Chris DiDomenico – rather than Fribourg? Can you imagine the show with 17,000 spectators chanting “Kiki! Kiki!”… It’s still almost double that at the BCF Arena.

No no, I prefer to be whistled by lots of people. So in Bern, with 17,000 people, it’s just perfect when I arrive in Gottéron’s jersey. And then, Freiburg has always been my number one option. It was always very clear in my head. The club came to see me quickly, in June, and I must say that I felt flattered, honoured. We spoke three or four times and everything was already settled. It went quickly. Now the goal is to win this title. Every year we learn. In 2021 against Geneva in the quarters, the last season against Zurich in the semis. I so want to relive these incredible emotions from the play-offs and go all the way.

Now that you are financially secure until 2027, don’t you have the feeling that you have already slackened off, unconsciously?

On the contrary, I have even more rage! There, I have five years to arrive at this title in Fribourg. I swear, I’m even hungrier than before! Besides, the proof, the day after my signing, I have never sweated so much in my life in fitness training. Well, it was in the middle of a heat wave and it was really extremely hot in this weight room. It may also be a bit for that, finally…

Christoph Bertschy, he was completely entitled to a seven-year contract. Why didn’t you go to Christian Dubé (GM and coach) and ask him not for seven, but eight years of contract, just to show who the boss is on the ice?

Christoph was seven years old simply because he is younger than me (editor’s note: 28 years old)! And then, I saw myself badly, at 31, asking them for an eight-year contract. But though, maybe I should have tried! You never know, they might say yes! In any case, I hope that this is not my last contract with Gottéron.

“I have five years to achieve this title in Fribourg. I swear, I’m even hungrier than before! »

Killian Mottet, striker from Fribourg-Gotteron

At 35-36 years old, when you will be in your last two years of contract, do you think you will still have the legs to play in attack? Or do you see yourself rather quiet in defense, sending slapshots from the blue line?

The problem is that I’m not the most reliable defensively. So, playing in defense, it might be a bit complicated for me. Besides, I guess I won’t be the first person the coach thinks of if he needs a defender.

Don’t you regret not being 36 already, rather than 31? That way you too would be right in the age group of the other “old timers”, the Diaz, Sprunger, Berra, Desharnais, etc., and the team would be even more experienced…

Haha, yeah, I see where you’re coming from… Age is just a number! Look, Laurent Meunier, he played until what? 40 years or even more? If you’re on top physically, there’s no problem even if in Switzerland you’re already considered “old” from the age of 30.

Between us, when you see the transfers from Zug and Zurich, don’t you think that it might still be hot to be champion this season with Fribourg?

Uh… Indeed, it’s heavy. It’s big chunks, these two teams. But… be careful… That doesn’t mean it’s going to work for them. So we continue to work on a homogeneous team that is used to playing together. We will be at the top of the rankings, I tell you. To our luck, like the others.

“On a homogeneous team that is used to playing together. On will be at the top of the rankings”

Killian Mottet

With all these new foreign goalkeepers, don’t you feel like you’re going to score a lot less, goals, next season?

Nope! Because they don’t know me! They don’t know where I usually shoot. So it should still be fine, in my opinion. I don’t worry, I’ll score. On the other hand, it is true that there are sacred sizes that will land. It is clear that it will always be harder to score goals in this league. And if suddenly I can’t do it anymore, I’ll try to score with my hand, with a little luck it can go unnoticed (Editor’s note: in October 2018 against Ambri, flat on his stomach next to the goal, he grabbed the puck with his glove before discreetly placing it in the cage. A success ultimately canceled). Do you remember that but of the hand? He was not bad that one (laugh).

Do you think that you too will one day be entitled to your statue in front of the ice rink, as it already seems promised to the eternal Julien Sprunger? And do you think they’ll take your jersey away too, if there’s still a little room left in the rink by then?

The statue, no. It will be just for Julien. My number removed one day (editor’s note: 71)? There is little chance, because as you said, there are already quite a few… I still admit that it would be nice. If we win the title, maybe there, yes, I would eventually be entitled to it. We will see at the end of my career, as late as possible.

Do you have something to do with the fact that Lausanne was robbed of the 2026 World Cup by Fribourg?

Not promised, really, I have nothing to do with it. I’m sorry for Lausanne. It’s not me who manages this kind of stuff, you see. To be honest, I barely followed what happened. In any case, it’s really cool for Freiburg. In 2026, what will I have? 35-36 years old? Well, you never know, maybe I will be on the ice with the national team for this World Championship. It must be pretty crazy to play a World Cup at home in Switzerland (note: the national team is expected to play its matches at the main venue in Zurich). At worst, I hope they will at least give me tickets to go see matches.

Last question: why don’t you do your famous dives on the ice anymore?

Simply because I’m saving it for the summer only now. In Fribourg, I go diving a lot at the Motta swimming pool, for example. That way in the winter, I only play hockey.

And thank you so much, Killian, for playing the game!

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