If he were to return to Europe, Nicolas Batum would choose…

Nicholas Batum took the time to do a question and answer on Twitter and among the interesting answers there is the one about a possible return to Europe. This does not seem relevant since he recently returned that he would probably end his career at the Olympic Games in 2024 hoping to have played the last two seasons of his at the Clippers, but in the event of a return to Europe for a season or two, he would choose:

“I grew up being a huge Maccabi Tel Aviv fan. I don’t know if it will happen, but if I wanted to choose: Maccabi, without a doubt. »

Regarding his retirement, he says:

“I want to play two more years and ideally it would be: go far with the Clippers, World Cup, go far with the Clippers again, then the Paris Olympics and finish my career there. To chain all this, non-stop, I want to (he insists on this word) prepare myself as well as possible. This is not idleness on the beach! »Nicolas Batum

Remember that Nico had signed a contract for at least 2 years, or 6.5 million dollars last year, and he has a player option of 3.33 million dollars for the next season. He should therefore activate it since it is unlikely that the Clippers will offer him better.


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