If you were told about golf by Nanouche, a member of the Vichy Sporting Club (Allier)

Golf is family! “I started small after swimming and fencing. I wanted to put on the bathing cap and mask, and breathe deeply. So I did like my grandmother Marie-Madeleine, uncle and aunt, cousins ​​and cousins. Dad followed me, then my brother Raphaël. »
Golf is infuriating sometimes… “In fact, you are playing against the course and yourself. The route, you cannot change it. Personally, sometimes you have to stop psychoticizing. Once I played against an opponent well within my reach. She and her coach destabilized me, and I got into a hellish cycle. I wanted to slap myself. Bottom line, I lost. »

The Great International Week of Sporting Vichy (Allier) back until August 15

Golf is also about team spirit. “Golf is not just bad memories. I remember a match, we lost and yet there was a lot of goodwill between us. Nice ! »
Golf is a collective practice. “Doing a course alone, I’m bored. Push the ball to push the ball, blah! Even in training, I need a few stakes. The challenge with opponents is necessary for me. »
Golf is technically tough. “Me, I’m good at the start of the hole, in the attack of the green. Hitting hard and fair is my thing. The little game on the other hand… I’m working, I promise. »
Golf is experience. “At 18 when I was called up to the women’s team, I was too stressed. I learned to let go. In fact, I’m not a very calm person. »
Golf requires great math. “Yes, I tell a non-initiated that I am classified “8.2”, not sure that he places me in the hierarchy. In golf, you have 52 index levels. According to the holes, you return, you lose points. You have a certain number of shots allowed. You have disabilities. Hello, mental arithmetic!
Golf is loyalty. “Every year at La Grande Semaine, I do twice as much with Françoise Agniel. She’s older than me but we get along fine. It’s the brain, I’m the arms. »
So, golf is magic! Nanouche’s eyes confirm.


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