IHF | The IHF in turn sanctions Russian and Belarusian handball

At the stage of the announcements made last week by the EHF, the international federation has also decided to sanction Russian and Belarusian handball following the invasion of Ukraine and the war which has broken out for 10 days. The IHF announces today that all representatives of Russian and Belarusian handball (players, referees, delegates, readers, officials) are prohibited from participating, directly or indirectly, in all events and competitions organized by the IHF. . The international federation relies in particular on the principle of violation of the Olympic truce which corresponds to a resolution signed at the UN on December 2, 2021 by 193 nations.

Among the consequences already received, that of Russia’s withdrawal from the junior women’s world championships (U20 and U18) as well as the men’s beach handball world championship organized this summer and for which the Russian teams were qualified.

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