Important announcement about Kyrie Irving, LeBron concerned!

It’s not NBA, but basketball fans will have a close eye on the Drew League this Saturday. We know that players like to spend a lot of their time there, just to measure themselves against the competition, and this is the case of Kyrie Irving, in uniform today. That’s good, LeBron James will also be present.

While we are still waiting for the return of the NBA, for next September with the training camp, no question for the players to wait so long to find the floors. Kyrie Irving intends to have fun in the meantime, even if he is regularly quoted in trade rumors. The good news ? We will be able to admire Uncle Drew on a parquet this Saturday, on the occasion of the Drew League.

LeBron and Kyrie in the same place this Saturday!

This secondary league is very popular with NBA players, who like to let off steam and compete against opponents throughout the summer. Kyrie Irving is one of them, since he will play in the evening according to commissioner Dino Smiley. Count on the leader to put on a show, especially since there will be a lot of people on site. A few hours later, it’s LeBron James who will be presentand also dressed.

Kyrie Irving is scheduled to play at 11 a.m., as Drew League commissioner Dino Smiley just told ESPN. LeBron James is scheduled to play at 1:45 p.m. Yahoo said it was the first time James had returned to the Drew League since 2011.

Indeed, it’s not every day that LeBron comes to the Drew League. A first in more than 10 years for the King, with the fans who will be there.

No money to pay for supporters, who simply come from the right basket. Unsurprisingly, the lineup is therefore massive within hours of LeBron’s game. A video was taken a few minutes ago outside the room, and we can say that the fans are already very numerous:

Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and even DeMar DeRozan, it’s the program of the Drew League this Saturday. Suffice to say that the fans are already looking forward to it, as evidenced by this waiting file. Let’s now hope for a show for this great occasion.

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