in a nightclub, two men hit with golf clubs

The evening degenerated in a night establishment in Toulouse. Around 3 a.m. on the night of Thursday July 14 to Friday July 15, the police were called for a fight between several customers. The facts were reported by the security of the nightclub, located in the Côté Pavée sector.

The BST Center (specialized field brigade) and the BAC (anti-crime brigade) of the Right Bank were sent to the scene. The altercation pitted three individuals against two other customers. These latter have been hit with golf clubs. During the fight, one of the three men involved even drew a knife.

A knife exhibited during the brawl

If the reasons for the altercation remain unclear, the facts occurred against a background of alcohol, the attackers being obviously alcoholic. Aged 35, 40 and 59, they were arrested and placed in police custody. The police were able to find the knife exhibited during the violence.

For their part, the two victims, men in their thirties and forties, filed a complaint. Their injuries did not require transport to hospital, according to a police source contacted by The Independent Opinion. However, possible days of ITT (total incapacity for work) remain to be determined.

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