In Erquy, handball celebrates its 40th anniversary and the talent of its children

ERQUY. The hand school and the education of children in sport have been one of the club’s priorities for many years. ©HBCB

“We were in a meeting, to prepare for the general meeting when I realized: AG 2022, creation in 1982. But it’s been 40 years! »

Only Loïc could know.

“I’m the only one from that time to still be at the club! »

Loïc Gours, the pillar

Loïc Gours, 71, living and active memory of the Hénansal Erquy handball club : founder of the structure, he was its secretary for a long time. little, he is no longer “only” assistant secretary, but he continues to coach the kids at the handball school and the young women.

More than 50 years that he teases the ball.

“I started thanks to my sports teacher at the agricultural school of Kernilien in Guingamp, in the 1960s. Jean-Pierre Martos, a great teacher, passionate about handball. »

Loïc Gours, founder of the club.

And he has a transmissible virus.

For Loïc, it is the education of young people above all. ©HBC Hénansal Erquy

“He took us to the game in the 404 of the school. There were only 5 seats, but we put two in the trunk”, laughs Loïc, his eyes shining with mischief.

Children first

Today, it is he who is driving the minibus, dragging his seeds of champions to the four rooms of the department. Nothing stops Loïc when it comes to pushing his little ones up.

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“Momo taught me that. He said to me: who cares about adults? It is the young people who need us. They are the ones who must be accompanied. They are the future. »

Momo. The soul of HBC Henansal Erquy. He is no longer there, but he is everywhere at the club. And in the breath of Loïc when he encourages his kids at the top of their lungs to give the best.

Momo, the soul of the club

Momo is Maurice Ehanno, sports teacher at the Thalassa college in the 90s, who is at the origin of the youth section of the hand club in Erquy.

“He did everything for young people, in hand, but not only. He took them diving, sailing… It was thanks to him that we relaunched our junior teams in 1996.”

Before that, the handball club, created in 1982, had a few twists and turns, with Momo and Lolo still at the helm.

In 1987, Maurice was already coaching juniors at the club. ©HBC Hénansal Erquy

“We met at the Plancoët club. And when it broke the figure, we said to ourselves go hop! In launches! »

At the time, the club was a section of the Amicale laïque. Seniors, women, and already some young teams… But not enough means, so the adventure stops. For a time only.

New generation

“We relaunched the club in Hénansal in 1995 with a senior team and in 96, Momo had two junior teams, male and female, engaged in school competition. »

Young people recruited within the club, but in Erquy. Thus was born the Hénansal-Erquy agreement.

Loic rejoices:

“With this new generation of players, we have relaunched the club. Aurélie Névot, who was a cadet at the time, is now our president! Many of the young people of this generation are still committed to the club and now they train their own kids in training.

The young teams, nuggets of the club

Momo would welcome that too, that’s for sure. But he was taken away too soon.

“The kids were all that motivated him. Openness to others, the notions of sharing, respect… Making them adults who stand up and who could in turn pass on to future generations. »

This is how the young teams have become the nuggets of the club. The Erquy hand school has a reputation that all the surrounding clubs envy.

And for good reason… 166 licensees in 2022, including 107 under the age of 18.

“My ambition, my concern, is with regard to children. The objective of the club is the training of young people, in a spirit of respect and solidarity. And my concern is that it continues. »

But Loïc, despite the difficulty of maintaining a quality staff, is confident:

“Those who consume things in hand today are those we trained with Momo. »

With the fervor that they both put into it, it is therefore bearing fruit. Long life !

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