In fury, Bronny James unleashes an ultra-dangerous dunk!

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Still looking for a place in the NBA in a few years, Bronny James continues to put on a show in high school while waiting. LeBron’s son made the show again this Sunday, all with a very dangerous dunk, narrowly stopped by a defender. But the young player will especially have to be wary of the board in the future.

While LeBron James is having fun on the Drew League side, where he did the show with DeMar DeReozan, Bronny James is continuing his work this summer. The young player still hopes to land in the NBA in a few seasons, even if doubts are allowed. For the scouts, James will have to work hard to get a place, since he is far from being seen as the best of his vintage. Worse ? He suffered a huge drop in the standings.

Bronny still impresses in match!

But don’t count on Bronny giving up, it’s not the kind of family. The latter continues to put on a show during the summer against the competition, as he was able to prove this weekend with a violent dunk, almost successful. Unfortunately for him, the defender went through it with a fault, even if it was mainly the board that could have hurt a lot.

Launched at full speed, Bronny rises perfectly to try to finish this attempt at the circle. The problem is that the defender is there to prevent it, but not without making mistakes. In slow motion, we see above all that James could have hurt himself very badly by hitting the board, which he barely avoids. A detail to watch for the young prospect, the next time he needs to dunk like this.

Fortunately, Bronny also knows how to score in a simpler way, but not without elegance. Evidenced by this lay-up perfectly concluded after a nice sequence against his defender:

We don’t know if Bronny James has a future in the NBA, but the boy is definitely good at basketball. It’s up to him to continue working like this, always in the hope of one day playing with the dad. Remember that if all goes well, he will be present for the 2024 draft among professionals.

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